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Choose the skincare products you’re going to use based on four tips:

  • One. Consider the state of your skin and its needs. Do you have acne, spots, wrinkles, and/or sagging skin? Base your routine on your needs and the state of your skin, not on your age. To put it simply, 40-year-olds can have acne and 28-year-olds can show signs of advanced photoaging, while some 50-year-olds may have great skin if they’ve been taking care of it their whole lives.

  • Two. Consider whether your skin is hardy or sensitive. Is it prone to irritation? This will influence the concentration and how frequently you use certain ingredients like alpha hydro acids and retinoids.

  • Three. Consider whether your skin is dry or oily, as this will influence the texture of the products you include in your routine. Choose the texture based on whether your skin is dry, oily, or acne prone. The drier the skin, the thicker and more unctuous your products should be and, on the contrary, the oilier the skin, the lighter the texture should be.

  • Four. For morning and night cleansing step, you should use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Always remember that your skin should never feel taut or irritated after cleansing. If it does, you should switch to a gentler product. Even if you have acne, a dry, tight feeling is not synonymous with effectiveness. Switch to a cleanser that doesn’t piss off your skin.

In short, it is super important to establish a routine, because a single product is not going to make a difference. Be patient with your routine once you’ve got it down. Wait at least two months from the time you start to see the results.

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