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Step three: Skin protection

3 ways to protect your skin and slow aging process:


Protect your skin from pollution, the sun, and blue light by applying an antioxidant after a gentle cleanse. Our Brightening Ampoules are perfect for morning routines, as their formula contains a powerful blend of antioxidants. The marine glycogen in Before Time Ampoules provides excellent blue light and sun protection.

Next, if your skin feels dry or irritated, you can use Before Time Nourishing and Moisturizing Serum or your usual moisturizer. Wait a few seconds for the serum or moisturizer to fully absorb before moving on to the next step. If your skin does not need moisturizing, you can apply sunscreen directly after our Brightening Ampoules or your favorite antioxidant combo.

For sun protection, we recommend using sunscreen that protects against all types of rays. Before Time Family is a big fan of Vichy (UV-Age Daily) that provides a high UVA filter, which is what protects the skin from premature aging and sun spots. We recommend using tint-free sunscreen, because it’s the only way to guarantee you’ve used the right amount of product.

On top of your sunscreen, you can apply foundation to boost your protection. This is an especially good idea for anyone prone to spots (especially melasma) or who has had any dermatological treatments requiring extra protection. The pigments in makeup (iron oxides) boost protection against visible light (blue light). Try “it COSMETICS“.

Adding this step to your daily routine guarantees aging prevention, as it reduces the damage caused by free radicals that form due to exposure to solar radiation, pollution, and blue light.

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